This is my "Devil Doc Pack".Its shape is triangular. Dimensions
are 20"Hx13"Wx9"D. It only has one main compartment and one
cargo pocket on front. MOLLE points all across the front. A
pocket on each external side of the main for hydration bladders.
The main part is compartmentalized, as you can see, and broken
down into 4 areas with many small pockets and elastic keepers.
The 3rd area has 2 removable color coded bags. And the 4th has 2
IV bag pouches with cinched openings on the bottom. Each side on
the outside has a velcro closed slot on the  bottom to route the IV
tubes, so the corpsman could stand or kneel next to the patient and
be the IV tree or they could hang the pack somewhere next to the
patient for the same effect. There are 4 compression straps
located on the sides of the pack. Velcro patch on the front top.
Reinforced drag/grab strap. Built like a Marine M1A1.