This is my personal backpack, and its customized to me. I
have a first aid kit on one side that fits those military rectangle
plastic F/A boxes and a water bottle on the other. Everyone
else has these really cool names for their packs like a 72
(because its a 3 day pack) or IIIA (again because its a 3 day
pack). So I call this my Tango pack, anybody no why?  
Because its triangular, get it phonetic alphabet T.
Its features include; 20Hx11Wx7D main, 8Hx8Wx3D top
front, 10Hx11Wx3D front bottom, MOLLE on front pouches,
pile tape patch on top front, carry handle with incorporated
hydration ports on both sides, 2 internal storage pockets and
hydration pocket with hanger.