Dear Jack at Jax Pax,

Let me start by saying thank you for the outstanding pack you made for me.

I was recently deployed to OIF 06-08 and used your "Devil Doc Pack" as a CASEVAC Corpsman.

The quality of your product was outstanding, and other medical packs I have used in the past did not even
compare. The I.V. pouches were a great way to reduce size and evenly distribute weight.

Overall great work and wonderful product!

Thanks Again

Petty Officer Ben L.
Nice bags, I guess I got one of the first ones......I can atest to their durability, I still use it....crazy, you
made it almost 17 years ago!!!!
Brian F. AO2 USN

Hey Jack,

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I like my pack.  I bought this pack from you on eBay in the
beginning of June.  I received it very quickly.  The pack exceeded my expectations!  It is very well thought out and
built tough.  I especially like the top that comes off and can be used separately.  I use this pack to carry all of my
paintball equipment.  It takes a lot of abuse and goes to the field with me every Saturday.  The materials used are
top of the line, and hold up very well.  I'd highly recommend this equipment to anyone looking for an affordable,
durable pack.  I also own the Eagle three day pack in multicam, and your pack is a much better value!  You can
give out my email to anyone who has questions about the quality of your product.  Thanks again for an awesome
pack.  I look forward to buying another, larger one from you in the near future.  The next one will be for my camping
gear!  Thanks again.  Tom G.
Hey JaxPax
I bought your tactical field pack in 3 color desert about 5 years ago and its been on a middle east tour. I
took that thing to Oman, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Qatar and never had one problem with it. Its been
stuffed, dragged, dropped, soaked and sunk and it’s still going strong. Your packs rock!!
John M. USN

Got the pack today and all I can say is, "Holy Shit", you nailed it. From what I had in my head  
to what you made, plus your improvements, it is exactly what I wanted. I also like to consider
myself someone who knows quality and the workmanship is great. I would love to see it on
your website. I will gladly pass around your name to all the folks I work with that  are looking
for quality built tactical gear to talk to you.

Thanks again,