I guess this is where I tell you my business philosophy and other crap.
Well here it is. I've been making packs and bags and other military
type stuff for over 20 years. I'm trained by the military and thats
where I get most of my experience. I'm a retired  U.S. Navy PR or
Parachute Rigger or Aircrew Survival Equipment man or person or
whatever. I did a tour as a Land Survival instructor and a tour as a
water survival instructor and I have experience with A-6 Intruders, P-3
Orions and KC-130J Hercules.  My philosophy is this, my packs and
bags or whatever I sew is the best. I use the best materials and
everything is CUSTOM MADE to order. So if you like one of my packs
you see here but want to change something or add a pocket or strap or
whatever. I can do that. I have a few fabric camo patterns in stock, but
get most of my fabrics online. So if you want an off the wall camo
pattern and I can find it online you got it. I'm the supervisor of 3 other
workers, me, myself and I.(if you haven't figured it out it's just me) So
that means it will take longer to get your order, depending on my
backlog.  That also means I can honestly claim that my stuff is made in
the good ol' U S of A. Unlike the other guys out there whose stuff is
made in Vietnam. Last time I checked we had a war with those guys
and A LOT of our brave men are still missing. Anything to make a
buck I guess.

Like I said above, I make packs. I build from the ground up to your
specifications, or I can change or modify an existing pack that you
have. I know a lot of people have bought packs from other companies
and after using it for a while you realize its lacking a little something.
Maybe a flare pocket over here or some MOLLE bars down here,
whatever. I can add those mods for you. Like I've said before I DO
NOT stock anything. I actually have a real job and do this on the side. I
don't have the time or the money to make tons of stuff and leave it sit
on the off chance that someone might call and want it.

As you look around you may see that I don't have a huge inventory.
Thats because I concentrate on a few designs and do them very well.
Again, I don't have a sweat shop in some third world country cranking
out all my stuff.
Everything I make is 100% guaranteed against manufacturing
defects. That's anything I did or rather didn't do. This does not
cover normal wear and tear or abuse.
Thanks for visiting my site. Look around and if you see something you
like, BUY IT!  If you don't want to buy anything, that's cool, drop me a
line and say hi instead. As my extensive computer skills improve I'll try
to improve my site. Thanks
Before I go I'd like to say a special thanks to AEC Sam Meyer for the
idea for my name and AM2 "Bob" Vela for my logo art work.

Thanks for visiting
Jack Markey